Better For Home Printing: Swing-Away Or Clamshell Press?

Do you want to start a business and want to know more about it before purchasing anything? Are you interested in the printing business especially creating your artwork and design? Do you enjoy showcasing your talent to the world to see such as printing the artwork on various materials such as shirts, hats, mugs, and others? If you answer all positively, you are then ready to get more information about how to start your business in the printing field.

Just like you, a lot of people are interested in starting their business in the field of shirt printing. In fact, since this business has been popular and trendy to all individuals especially those teenagers and young adults, experts predicted that the popularity of the business will last for many more years.

Good news right? So, before you decide to buy equipment, materials such as fabrics, specialized transfer paper, and others, you need to know what is needed and the things that can be bought later.

Many individuals who enter the business of printing always ask questions about the machine to use. Some people suggest a swing-away heat press because it is easy to use but others prefer a different printing machine. 

What is the best shirt printer to use for beginners?

You might have a lot of questions in mind regarding the right machine to use. You can find answers online, however, it is best to ask the experts about this. If you know someone that is in the same business, you might get juicy information that you can use to start your business.

Here’s what we know about various printing machines that you can use at home to start your business.

  • The use of the swing-away heat press. Many individuals are drawn in using the swing-away machine compared to other printers. The first advantage is that the top plate is movable and rotates for about 360 degrees. If this is the case, whenever you print a design on a shirt, you can completely turn away the top plate for you to work freely. There is less likely that you will have an accident since you can move away from the top plate completely. The only issue with this printer is that you need more space to accommodate the style. Since it is rotating 360 degrees, you have to provide more clearance space to make it secure.
  • The clamshell typed printer. As the name implies, the machine looks like a clamshell that you can move the top plate up and down. Many people love to use this because it is handy and consumes a little space. You can practically put it anywhere in the house.

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