Logo Items That you Know Techies Will Use: USB Drives

Promotional devices are so popular not only because of their function and purpose, but also due to their unique designs. One example: USB storage drives. Gone are the days of classic design, because there are now so many options. In fact, many companies give away USBs with custom designs, because they are used all the time and promote the company for free. Giving out these promo items is a lot cheaper than hiring an ad agency that uses traditional advertising strategies.

With the use of the technology that we have as of today, you can choose from different styles or the physical appearance of the USB. You might be thinking twice when you see it because some of these styles do not even look like one at first glance. You have to look twice and recognize that it is an actual USB drives. You will be surprised to know.

The best USB designs that you can use for your company’s promotional giveaways

Promotional gifts are one of the best strategies to advertise your company. By printing your logo on a particular item, you are boosting the company’s popularity amongst the targeted consumers.

If you are still confused about what design to use, here are some of the best styles that you can consider.

  •  USB card design. Yes, you read it right. One of the best seller USB designs is the card flash and you can print your company’s logo and add more to it. The style is modern and you can just slip it right in your pocket or wallet.
  • USB Wristband style. For the hipper style, you can go for a wristband design which is very popular for students. If the target consumer of your company is students, you can get the advantage of this design. You can use different colors with your company’s logo on it, and even put some great messages to complete the design.
  • Bottle opener USB drives design. If your company is into drinks or food, you can utilize the bottle opener USB style. Many people will get it and just hang it together with their keys. Bottle opener is a thing that some people wanted to carry with them all the time in case they need something to open. Now, it’s two things for them. A storage device and a bottle opener.
  • USB Pen drivers. We all use pens and the best thing to utilize the USB promotional method is to use a pen driver. You can give it to students, office workers or even to your employees.

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